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Chris Potter

Radio Frequency (RF) and Wireless Fundamentals

Learn about fundamental concepts in high-frequency engineering

Chris Potter

Transmission Lines, S-Parameters and the Smith Chart

Learn about these basic concepts without complex mathematics

Chris Potter

RF and Wireless Propagation: Key Concepts

Understand key concepts in modern RF and wireless propagation

Chris Potter

Understanding Modern RF and Wireless Digital Modulation

Know the essentials of digital modulation without complex mathematics

Chris Potter

RF Transmitter and Receiver Components: System Building Blocks

Understand the building blocks of modern wireless transceivers

Chris Potter

RF and Wireless Transceiver System Architectures

Understand the impact of system architecture on radio performance

Chris Potter

Direct Conversion Transceivers: RF Performance Challenges

Understand the key issues affecting zero-IF transceiver performance

Chris Potter

RF and Microwave Test and Measurement: The Essentials

Understand a range of essential RF and microwave measurements

Chris Potter

Modern RF Transmitter and Receiver Performance Measurements

Know the key measurements used to characterise modern transceivers

Chris Potter

RF and Microwave Connector Types and Connector Care

Know your connector types and avoid expensive equipment damage

Chris Potter

Effective Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

Learn how to make VNA measurements at RF and microwave frequencies