Introduction to Modern RF and Wireless Engineering

Selected topics from our growing RF course library | taught by Chris Potter

Course Overview

This free course introduces a range of key topics in modern RF and wireless engineering. Each video lesson has been selected from our growing course library. You can learn much more about each topic by taking the relevant paid course. The course is presented by Dr. Chris Potter PhD, a Consultant RF Engineer with Cambridge RF based in Cambridge, England. Chris brings over 30 years of experience in high-frequency electronics.

Who Will Benefit?
• Anyone with an interest in RF engineering
• RF, wireless and microwave technicians and engineers
• RF, wireless and microwave applications engineers

• RF, wireless and microwave product engineers
• Hardware design engineers
• Digital design engineers

Technical Level

Basic knowledge of electronics

Course Topics
• RF fundamentals
• Transmission lines
• RF propagation
• Wireless digital modulation
• RF and microwave components
• Transceiver architectures
• RF and high-speed digital PCB design
• RF test and measurement

What's Included?
• 17 individual video lessons
• Video demonstration – measuring two-tone intermodulation
• Over 74 minutes of video content

• Certificate of Completion (PDF)
• Unlimited individual access

Completion Time
~80 mins

Instructional Language

Chris Potter
Chris Potter
Consultant RF Engineer

Dr. Chris Potter PhD is a leading wireless technology expert and consultant with Cambridge RF in Cambridge, England. He has over 30 years experience in the design and development of radio frequency and microwave circuits and systems for a wide range of wireless communications applications. Chris received the BSc degree in Electronics in 1983 from the University of York, England and the PhD degree in 1987 from the University of London, England. As Principal Engineer at Marconi Instruments, he worked on the design and development of microwave circuit and systems. As Chief RF Technologist at Symbionics/Tality, he developed RF architectures and product designs for GSM, GSM-EDGE, W-CDMA, Bluetooth and 802.11a/b applications. Chris is currently Managing Director of Cambridge RF and a Director of Aphena, developers of the Softplot application. He provides RF, wireless and microwave consultancy services throughout the World.

Course Content

Module 5: RF and Microwave Components
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Module 6: Transceiver Architectures
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Module 7: RF and High-Speed Digital PCB Design
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